Feel better about yourself with our Facial Treatments

All of our facial treatments include a relaxation massage. Whether you would like a healthy ageing facial or a clarifying facial to combat any blemishes, our Therapist can accommodate. Everybody needs a little pampering and it’s no different for the men. If your face needs a bit of TLC, our facial experts can accommodate.

Fabulous Facials!

Arbonne and Kaeso Facials

Arbonne AgeWell Facial
3/4 hour: £55.00

AgeWell restores elasticity, reduces puffiness and dark circles, reduces fine lines and leaves your skin looking younger and feeling fresher.
Bakuchiol is the hero in this range, and is as effective as Retinol but without the chemicals. Caffeine, Vitamin B and Vitamin C are also in this gorgeous range to feed your skin so it can be at its best.

Healthy Ageing Facial
3/4 hour: £55.00

Arbonne’s premium range.

Cleanser, toner, gentle scrub, renewal masque, restorative SPF day crème or night repair crème, corrective eye crème

Sensitive Skin Facial
1/2 hour: £35.00

Arbonne’s range for sensitive skin or everyday skincare.

Includes a cleanser, soothing facial serum and a soothing eye gel.

Men’s facial
3/4 hour: £55.00

Arbonne’s premium range.

Micro-exfoliating cleanse, renewal masque, facial line softening SPF moisturiser, eye repair crème. 

Clarifying Facial
3/4 hour: £45.00

Arbonne’s range for troubled skin.

Cleanser, toner, mattifying lotion, intensive blemish treatment, soothing overnight mask.

Kaeso Facial Express
1/2 hour: £25.00

Includes a relaxing hand massage.

Suitable for all skin types.

Cleanser, toner, exfoliator, cream mask, day or night cream, eye gel or cream.

***£3 supplement for Arbonne’s collagen gel mask.

***All Arbonne skincare and cosmetic collections are available for you to purchase. Please ask your therapist for details